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Here’s what some of Christina’s fertility patients have to say…

I first met Christina several years ago. I was actually scheduled to see someone else (by random assignment), but due to a scheduling conflict, the front desk asked me to meet with Christina instead. This serendipitous moment had a profound impact on my life – one which I will forever be grateful for. I remember being nervous – I had a lot of questions about acupuncture – Christina patiently answered all my questions and set me at ease immediately. Christina’s acupuncture style is gentle. She listens to her patients’ needs and tailors her treatment accordingly. She explains, with precision, why she has chosen each location for needle placement. At the end of that first session, I felt I must go back. And I did. Twice a week, every week, year after year. To her, you are a unique individual, and when you are with her, she gives you her undivided attention. I know Christina is very popular (with good reason!) but she always gave me the feeling that I was her only patient – that is how focused and dedicated she is. Christina has seen me through the lows and highs of my journey and has supported me every step of the way. She is an extraordinary acupuncturist with tremendous skill and training, but she is so much more. She will support you and surround you with her positive energy; she will listen to you and encourage you; she will take care of you. If you are reading this and wondering whether to try acupuncture or which acupuncturist to go to, let me solve your dilemma: there is no one like Christina and you are literally in the best hands.


Christina is an incredible acupuncturist and person, who has been instrumental in my treatment of infertility. She provides rejuvenating acupuncture sessions, has a wonderful sense of humor, is incredibly experienced in the medical aspects of IVF, and is always supportive. During appointments, Christina provides wisdom and guidance, particularly when I am feeling hopeless. She is very well versed in Chinese medicine, and explains in detail as she chooses each particular acupuncture point. When I have questions about specific points, Christina is thorough in her explanation, taking time to make sure she is clear and informative. She also spends a great deal of time gathering information about any symptoms I have experienced throughout the week leading up to the appointment, and she always remembers what is ailing me from week to week. On an interpersonal level, Christina is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She has the perfect balance of humor, empathy, and knowledge, and genuinely cares about her patients. I enthusiastically and unequivocally recommend Christina. She’s superb!


Having never had acupuncture before, I saw Christina through my two IVF cycles, and I feel like it make all the difference in the world. She and I really connected: her warm and energetic personality really put me at ease – made me feel completely comfortable with the entire treatment process.


Not only did Christina keep me sane (she is such a knowledgeable, caring sounding board), I found acupuncture so easy that I slept through more than one treatment: and I swear it was the best nap ever! I was so relaxed that I was just happy, refreshed goo afterwards.

Nicole T.

I had my first acupuncture session with Christina in August 2013. At that time I had been trying to get pregnant for about a year- I was 37 years old and overweight and just incredibly stressed out. From the moment I met her Christina put me at ease. She treats all of her clients like family- she is warm, down to earth, and friendly, and you feel like you are talking to your best girlfriend. But more importantly, Christina is a tremendously skilled technician. She has a way of knowing exactly what treatment plan works for you and figuring out exactly what you need. I would immediately relax and feel less stressed out after each session and whatever my problem area was- whether I had a headache, couldn’t sleep, was bloated- Christina would give me a treatment that would work, and would work immediately. She is a wonder woman. She also is extremely encouraging and supporting and she makes you feel like the impossible is possible.

It is no surprise that I got pregnant shortly after seeing her, and although that pregnancy ended in miscarriage, Christina got me through it and helped get my body and hormones back in tune and kept supporting me and encouraging me. She even recommended to me a wonderful fertility doctor who ended up being a miracle worker as well.

I continued to see Christina bi-weekly from August 2013 through October 2015, when she left to go on her own maternity leave. Because of Christina and her magical acupuncture treatments, I got pregnant again in April 2015 against all odds- at this point I was 39, obese, and had a very small chance of getting pregnant. But Christina believed in me and believed this would happen for me and she never ever gave up. In April 2015 I went for my first cycle IVF single embryo transfer, and Christina just kept telling me that this little embryo would work and this would happen. I had an acupuncture treatment with her right before the transfer and right after the transfer.. and lo and behold the little embryo that could.. did. and is now my 18 month old beautiful healthy thriving daughter Savannah.

This would never have happened without Christina. She is a miracle worker and she does it such a wonderful caring way. She gave me the greatest gift- the gift of hope. I am so incredibly grateful to Christina. My baby girl would not be here without her. She always knew how to ask the right questions to give me the most accurate best treatment possible, and in the process she became my life-long friend.

There is no better person or acupuncturist than Christina.

And as a funny postscript- I saw Christina in March 2016, two months after giving birth, to have a treatment. I ended up getting spontaneously pregnant about three days after I saw her- at age 40, so I ended up having 2 kids in 11 months!! I told you she was a miracle worker.

Give yourself the gift of hope- go see Christina. It will be the best decision you ever made.


A very grateful client

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